Nadira, a beautiful and rambunctious girl from the Kingdom of Thasos is unusually strong, incredibly fast, and stubbornly courageous: which makes relationships somewhat of a challenge. Unexpectedly, she meets a handsome young man named Jai from another kingdom, and their hearts instantly connect.
Relationships, however, can be deceiving. Nadira is unaware that Jai is actually a prince destined to wed Princess Theodora, daughter of the wicked, Queen Xylena. Based on an ancient foretelling, a child born with a purple heart-shaped birthmark will become Ruler of the three kingdoms, and marry of the highest royalty. Princess Theodora was born with the fated birthmark; the same mark that links her and Prince Jai’s destiny together. Prince Jai, on the other hand, is fighting his own internal battle, as his feelings for Nadira continue to grow.

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Nadira A Fairy Tale Flyer

Meet More Characters From Nadira A Fairy Tale

Queen Xylena


Queen Xylena is beautiful, but deadly. She is the most feared queen of all. Her lovely green eyes match the jealousy that lives in her heart, and she will not stop until all the kingdoms are under her daughter’s rule. Determined that nothing and no one will stand in her way, her eyes are now on Nadira.

Good Fairy


Good Fairy lives amongst the tiny fairies of the forest. She is a protector of sorts, as well as a counselor, a relationship consultant, a mother figure, and a dear friend. She watches after the innocent ones of the forest and keeps them safe. Nadira will definitely need her help.

Old Witch


In the deep swamps of the forest lives the Old Witch. However, do not let her age fool you, for she is capable of destroying anyone that gets in her way. Right now, at this very moment, she is cooking up something very evil in that dilapidated cabin of hers. Something for Nadira.