Fairy Tales of Color Productions

In honor of all the great fairy tales ever told, Fairy Tales of Color invites you to an enchanted world that embraces all children. Step into our golden carriage and ride to a land where cultural differences thrive. On your journey there, we'll even tell you exciting stories that reflect their worlds.

Throughout centuries, countless parents have sat next to wide-eyed little girls and boys and read fairy tales that had, and still has, a lasting and powerful effect on children. Even today, little girls still envision themselves as princesses, and little boys as prince charming.

Therefore, Fairy Tales of Color desires to tell stories that are not only inclusive but, original, fun, uplifting, and we even add a little peril to make them compelling.

Now, more than ever, we need stories that will allow children of  various cultures to visualize the magic that lives and thrives within them. 

American Actress, Meghan Markle & 
Prince Harry's Fairy Tale Wedding

Not all fairy tales end with the prince

and princess living in an enchanted palace. 

Some choose to set out on an adventure of discovery. In the process they create new paths and open new doors. 

We wish you all of heaven's blessings Prince Harry and Duchess Megan.

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Painting by:  Olga Cornacchia


             Fairy Tales of Color 



A Fairy Tale

Nadira Book Cover & Phone.png
Nadira at the Nebulae Royal Ball
 Nadira is on her way to the 
Nebulae Royal Ball